Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's 2014

I tried to make a face. It's a challenge from a friend.
I didn't have any plans for this so-called special day, so I decided to romance myself with a simple meal and some sangria. Wanted to watch a movie... was trying to decide when I saw this picture thru Facebook, and I was like, "WHOA, that's TIGHT. I'm gonna watch it just because of that!"

Had no previous knowledge of what the film HER was about prior to watching it, but it was strangely appropriate with its theme of relationships, dealing with people and emotions in a world where a very quickly-evolving technology has become a huge essential part of everyday life, and the isolation that comes with it.

Beautiful cinematography and incredible story-telling.

Left me with a heavy feeling for the rest of the night though. Still not sure if it was a good decision to have picked that movie for a Valentine's by myself.. might not have felt so glum if I had just stuck to watching an old episode of Running Man, but I think I've already caught up with all the old episodes, and didn't feel like watching a repeat, though it is always entertaining.


Made this fan art for TUNE earlier in the day, everyone should go check the comic out! Even better, buy the book! (so that the publisher will print the next book and we can read the rest of the story!) Super appealing art, great story with it just being the tip of the iceberg..

Was a little afraid that I wouldn't do the characters justice, but got a really warm response from Derek Kirk Kim, the comic's creator. :>
I've always admired his work from way back, when Same Difference was available online. Even bought the FLIGHT comics because he was one of the artists, alongside Jen Wang Vera Brosgol and tons of other talents. Lost track for a while when I started school at Ringling though, with work and all that. But rediscovered his booth at APE 2013 (Alternate Press Expo) in San Fran! So glad that I went! There were tons of other awesome artists there too, but that was the highlight for me.

Glad to have met him in person. Only regret is forgetting to take a photo with him there. We did share a solid hi-five though! :D AWWWWW YEEAAAAHHH~!

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