Saturday, February 15, 2014


What?! A post?

Like picking up an abandoned half-filled sketchbook, I'm going to try filling in the pages again.
Perhaps it's the lack of human interaction I've had since graduation, but I need an outlet for some thoughts and Facebook is too open and over-whelming... I never did like going mainstream.

So while this will contain some art, it's also going to have some personal ramblings and places I get my inspiration from (probably more of that than actual artwork).

Starting an art tumblr here:

Like I mentioned in the first tumblr post about doing something that needed a little more guts personally every Valentine's (I got my ear piercings on those days)... this is this year's V-day piercings: to open myself to the Net.

Maybe what has been holding me back was my mindset of, "If I post something, it should be POSITIVE, and HAPPY, and CLEAN, and FUNNY..."
But I can't pretend / disillusion myself any longer that the things I make are any of that. It's all emo-shit.
It's not Disney that shapes my life.


It's stuff like MindGame, Samurai X, and Miyazaki films, among many others, with the grittier themes that have had a heavy influence on me. Was never good at creating intentionally funny things from the start. I've come to realize though, I'm not the only one and a lot of the art out there that inspires me are like that. I guess it's not too bad of a thing.

So here we go.

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