Wednesday, February 19, 2014

First Stamp Carving - Lunar Rabbit

As a little note for some stuff that I had been sending out, I was drawing these rabbits... and then it occurred to me, I might as well make a stamp so I don't have to keep drawing the same thing over and over.. (and I do draw rather slow.)

I do admit, I have an obsession for rabbits in art form. Being born in the year of the rabbit is a contributing factor, but I also find the concept of the moon rabbit / Jade rabbit a fascinating one. The idea that it's just pounding away at the mortar for its mistress, alone, isolated, and watching everyone else from far away.... it's something I relate to. That's just one of the reasons, perhaps I'll list more some other time.

Shaded the back of the sketch with graphite and traced the pattern onto the rubber pad, and then redrew it with marker on the rubber pad.

The carving step was challenging but relaxing at the same time - things that involve my hands are what makes me most happy these days, I find. I suppose it's the tangible, physical results that give the most satisfaction.

Yay! My first carved stamp. As always, I feel like the carving could be better, but it is what it is.

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