Sunday, May 16, 2010

Observational Color

ahhh.. first time using acrylic for painting. the 1st row is the 1st couple of paintings we worked on... terrible terrrrible. bad planes, some parts too muddy, and oh man, the color mixing.... not used to it, I always take so long.

2nd row.. 14"x11" boards. some improvement, but still terribly slow compared to my friends.

last row.. small 5"x5" quick sketches (that weren't as quick as they should have been :x )

coz I felt the boards all together were pretty heavy.. so I did not keep any of the paintings when we moved our stuff to the storage unit. sigh... half-regretting that I did not keep at least the 2nd row pieces. kena scolded by my parents, they said they would have happily paid for shipping back home.. sigh. shall paint something better for them. IT WILL BE BETTER!!!!

now.. how do I apply this to digital painting?...
stupid Shan... self
hate.... raaahhh. =__=

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