Thursday, May 13, 2010

Drawing Assignments - Fall 2009

yaaaarrr update time.. here's 2 Drawing class pieces from Fall 2009...

Popcorn was done over a time span of 40 days (if I remember right).... 1 popcorn per day (of course there are several days where I cheated and drew a few at one go.... man, whoever really stuck to 1-per-day is super disciplined and I will salute that person)

In this assignment we combine negative space and contour lines... messed up a little on the bear... hard since we weren't allowed to draw the contour lines in pencil first. One of my favourite pieces because I used the gloomy bear head and the GURREN LAGANN FIGURINE YEAAAAHHHH~~! (the bear is eating the leg of the figurine)

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