Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fall 2010 - Traditional Animation work

ok.. long overdue post.. again..
my work from Fall 2010.
first we worked on quadroped walk cycles.

a serious one..

Traditional Animation - Quadroped Walk from Wu Shan on Vimeo.

and an exaggerated one..

Llama Run Cycle from Wu Shan on Vimeo.

then we worked on a pantomime.. at first the character was a soldier.. but well, the story makes him more like a thief..

Thief Pantomime from Wu Shan on Vimeo.

I know... too fast.. timing still needs alot of work.

Lip sync! man.. thank you to my friend Yoav for giving me so much video reference, and to Kevin Herron too.

Lip Sync Robot from Wu Shan on Vimeo.

well.... could be better too...

finally... dance sequence! woo hoo! took me a while to decide what actions to do.. so many ideas including fire breathing which I really wanted to do, but due to time limit for both work and the clip itself, unable to add fire... maaaybe someday?!?

Dance - Circus Rabbit from Wu Shan on Vimeo.

perhaps will upload the compiled one later, because it's cool to watch everyone's awesome work in one clip :)


  1. Your traditional animation is awesome!

  2. Holy... Why haven't I found this blog earlier?