Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hello 2010

It's the new year, Shan. Time to get your s*** together and put up some real art on the net.
Alot of catching up to do.. I have been lazy for the month of December. :P
Time to:
  • clean up my deviantart account
  • start daily sketches
  • collate artwork when I get back to the dorm
oh good golly.
For now, here is the toy and boat project from 3D Design Class.

Klatter: Desktop companion with clippy hands to sing songs to you & hold your memo while you do your work. (Pretty proud of this handiwork.. the only regret is that the cardboard used for the box was not strong enough and warped. And probably could have done better packaging.)

Flaming Phoenix (LOL don't ask me what's with all the flamin stuff. It just happens..)
The assignment was to create a floating visual form that could be raced out on the water. Together with Amanda & Mickey and of course lots of advice from our teacher John and lab monitors Eric & Adam, we worked from scratch with a limited amount of ply wood, masking tape, and nails. As long as we are careful to keep our balance (I found out the hard way :/), it floats pretty well out on the water :D That's Amanda far out at sea.

Ironman... a little bird chirped some happy news. With all my heart, I wish you blissful happiness, and that you will be able to stay faithful in your promises to her.

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