Thursday, November 12, 2009


wow.. finally I've gotten a blog. been too long since I've set a print on the net.. hopefully I'll keep this up.

why am I doing this? Because I need to get out of my shell... a step at a time.
c'mon you silly snail, go faster...

for starters.. I'll post a couple of works that I did for 3D design class. (somehow... I feel more proud about my sculptures than my 2D stuff. plus.. the drawing teacher kept some of my better work :/ should've taken a pic b4 handing it in)

the theme of the first major project we did was "to depict the force of mass using a human character". I was thinking of a little girl playing with her toy.. hopefully the pic will speak for itself.

will paint it during thanksgiving break.. or cover it with grey primer, at the very least.

For the most recent project, we were to make a toy, and I wanted something that had a musical box inside.. I don't have a good shot of it at the moment (yellow lighting makes the color look different) so here's a peek of the inside:

will take a better picture with the white background tomorrow after class, or something.

Our next assignment: make a boat with a team. hurhur.. should be interesting. (IT HAS TO FLOAT! Or sink artistically, at least) Ships ahoy on 6th December, if I remember right.

in the meantime, besides 3D design, I'm brushing up my skills in figure drawing (YAY for FEWS) and still life (Ms Leslie makes it FUN :D <3 )

... it's 4am and I have a long day tmr. more updates later.

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